Cycling Along The Minho Region

Pedal through memorable routes


The Alto Minho, located in Portugal’s northern coast, has singular features and conditions that will guide you through a true journey of discoveries. In a relatively small area, nature and geography have carved this unique and special landscape. Beaches that mix sand and lush green mountains, authentic villages, enchanted towns, hidden mountain and river nooks, authentic food and mild weather.

Day 1 to 3

Day 1 – “Welcome to FeelViana- bike test” – 65 km/+700mt

  • Short tour along the region and through the mountain
  • Superb view over the Minho River in the border with Spain
  • Return along the Atlantic coast
  • Visit to Viana do Castelo

We suggest that you start with a shorter route, a kind of recognition tour along the region, crossing the mountain that will take you to the superb view over the Minho River and the border with Spain. On your way back to Viana do Castelo, enjoy the stunning coastal route along the Atlantic beaches.

Day 2 – “The sacred Mountain” – 100kms/+1450mts

  • Arga mountain range and its small and authentic villages
  • Get to know the unique landscape, flora and fauna of the Arga mountain range
  • N301 winding road to Caminha and along the Coura River

On the second day explore the very little known and almost desert Arga Mountain Range. Also known as the “sacred mountain”, these mountains have plains with few trees where the Garrano, a wild horse breed, can be found grazing and the few villages will remind you of long gone times.

Day 3 – “Discovering the Peneda do Gerês Natural Park” – 90kms/ + 2100mts 

Transfer to Ponte da Barca included

  • Route starts in Ponte da Barca
  • Visit to Vilarinho das Furnas partly submerged village and dam
  • Roman remains
  • Caldas do Gerês village and spring
  • Albergaria Oak woods
  • Cross the Portela do Homem border and cycle around 30kms in Spain
  • back to Portugal crossing the Lindoso border

Starting in Ponte de Barca, you will discover the Peneda do Gerês National Park, the only National Park in Portugal. Along this cross-border tour you will visit important natural landmarks and protected areas, thus exploring one of the most breath-taking landscapes in Portugal.

Dia 4 a 6

Day 4 – “Vinho Verde tour” – 78 kms/+700mts

  • Tour along the Lima river to Ponte de Lima
  • The Lima river roman legend
  • 5 km along the Verde wine vineyards, estates and “quintas”

To get to know the Minho Region you need to visit the verde wine region, its valleys, “quintas” and wine estates. Here, the Lima river will guide you along its secrets and charm.

Day 5 – “Peneda mountain range” – 85kms/+ 2000mts

Transfer to Arcos de Valdevez included

  • Mezio National Park gate
  • Soajo granaries
  • Rouças, Gavieira and Lamas de Mouro villages
  • Senhora da Peneda Church
  • Brandas
  • Sistelo – the Portuguese Tibet

Still part of the Peneda do Gerês National Park, the Peneda mountain range is magical, with its plains where cattle grazes in the summer, small villages and typical granaries. To finish, be enchanted by the Sistelo route, a place called the “little Portuguese Tibet” and classified as a Portuguese national monument.

Day 6 – “Coura River and Land – Minho region’s barn” – 90kms/+ 1100 mts

  • Pedras Finas mountain climb – granite craft
  • Corno do Bico protected landscape
  • Paredes de Coura region

Final route is up the Pedras Finas mountain and towards Paredes de Coura, known in the 16th century as Minho’s barn. Discover the protected landscape, the beauty of oak trees over 100 years old, the green slopes with walls and terraces used to try to tame the mountains and use the granite soil for agriculture.

Additional information

  • 7 nights stay
  • Daily breakfast, 6 lunches and 3 dinners
  • 6 guided road cycling tour for your level to the best spots
  • Support vehicle
  • 1 FeelViana Maillot
  • 2 Water Bottles 
  • 2 energy bars and 2 energy gels per day
  • 1 bike maintenance and tune-up workshop
  • 2 massages
  • SPA facilities access w/ indoor pool (upon availability)
  • Access to gym


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Cycling Along The Minho Region


Cycling Along The Minho Region